Publisher Spotlight: What’s in the works for the new DSP Publications? (Plus Giveaway!)

dsp-twitter-profileThis fall, Dreamspinner Press launched a new imprint DSP Publications, that will focus on LGBTQ genre fiction. This is super exciting news, so we wanted to chat with DSPP and see what their plans are for the coming plans, as well as what does this new imprint mean for books previously published under the Dreamspinner imprint.

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GRNW: It’s exciting to see the launch of DSP Publications. Why the new imprint? And how is DSPP different from Dreamspinner Press or Harmony Ink Press?

DSPP: Over time we recognized that some of the stories we’ve published through Dreamspinner Press are more strongly focused in a specific genre than on their romantic elements, and the authors would be better served by our marketing them to the appropriate genre communities. The goal of DSP Publications is to present compelling stories in genres such as mystery and suspense, science fiction, fantasy, historical, horror, and urban fantasy which feature LGBTQ+ characters but do not necessarily focus on a primarily romantic relationship.

What is the initial plans for the next year for DSP Publications?

infected-epitathOur production schedule for the next year is already completely booked. Some of these will be rereleases of previous Dreamspinner Press titles, such as Greenwode and Shirewode by J. Tullos Hennig or the Wolf’s Own series by Carole Cummings. There will be new books in existing series – like Andrea’s Speed’s Infected: Epitaph and Infected: Paris, as well as several more books in the Wode series. We’re also publishing new books such as Rick R. Reed’s Third Eye and John Inman’s Willow Man.

We’ve heard that DSP is targeting a more “mainstream” audience. What does mainstream mean to you?

The marketing focus is not so much mainstream as it is genre-specific. For example, we timed rerelease of the first books in the Wode and Wolf’s Own series to coincide with the 2014 World Fantasy Convention and featured advertisements in the convention materials. Similarly we will be marketing specifically to readers of mystery and suspense, science fiction, and other genres. We want to get DSPP books into the hands of readers within the appropriate genres who are not necessarily looking for romance titles.

Dreamspinner Press has really been leading the way with both translations and converting books to audio. Will we see a similar direction with DSP Publications as well?

We want to establish a base of print and eBook releases first, but yes, we do plan to offer translations and audiobook versions of DSP Publication titles over time.

We won’t lie—we’re nervous romance readers and appreciate that Dreamspinner has often labeled their books, including using the “bittersweet dream” tag to help alert readers that a work may not have an HEA or a Happily Ever After.

Will DSP Publications still be geared towards books with hopeful endings or should readers come in with an understanding that the endings may be more varied?

Because the focus of DSP Publications is not romance, it’s possible not all releases will end with a “happily ever after.” Some will continue to include an element of LGBTQ+ romance, but not necessarily every book will.

ReawakeningIf books previously released by Dreamspinner are now being moved to DSP Publications, will there be a window when they’re not available to purchase? (I’ll use an example of a stellar book that we highly recommend, Amy Rae Durreson’s fantasy Reawakening, which we heard will be moving to DSP.)

As books near their release dates through DSP Publications, any previous Dreamspinner Press versions will be taken out of print. This will usually happen about eight weeks prior to the new release date.

Will DSP Publications be accepting submissions? (If not now, will they in the future?)

As our publication schedule is currently full for at least the next year, we are not currently accepting submissions for new titles, but we will be doing so at some point when we can realistically schedule them for release.

What books can readers get excited about for the DSP Publication’s first year?

the-last-grand-masterWe’ll be continuing a number of existing series, such as the Blessed Epoch by August Li, Champion of the Gods by Andrew Q. Gordon, Desert World by Lyn Gala, Dreamlands by Felicitas Ivey, and Flesh by Ethan Stone.

Readers can also look forward to the Little Goddess series by Amy Lane and new urban fantasy from Rhys Ford (The Four), new horror from Rick R. Reed (A Demon Inside) and John Inman (Boys on the Mountain), a steampunk novel from Carole Cummings (Blue on Black), fantasy from Connie Bailey (The Bastard’s Pearl), and spiritual fiction from Greg Hogben (My Daughter’s Army).

Our website is live at and features new and upcoming releases, author biographies, news, and events. Books purchased on the site can be downloaded directly to readers’ Kindles or smartphones for immediate gratification and enjoyment.

Thank you for stopping by! It sounds like it will be a fantastic first year for DSP Publications! 😀

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Tips on How Authors Can Work with Local Libraries

Speed_AndreaBy Andrea Speed

At last year’s first inaugural Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up, Marlene Harris gave a talk on how to get your books into your local libraries. I am a huge proponent of libraries. I grew up reading books from my school libraries and community libraries, and I still visit my local one once a week. I really wanted to do this.

So I followed Marlene’s advice. I brought a copy of one of my published books into the library, and talked with the head librarian, giving her the copy, and also mentioning that it won a Rainbow Award. Because it did, and it never hurts to mention any awards you’ve won or been nominated for. She had to pass the book on to someone higher up, in charge of book acquisitions, and it took a couple of weeks before I heard anything back.

InfectedPreyBut the news was very good. Not only are there physical copies of some of my books in the system now – and e-copies! – but I was approached about doing a local author event. I am doing that May 4th, and they’ll have some of my books available for check out for people who

The advice works well, and I can’t encourage enough authors to do it. Now I realize that for right now, this only applies to authors who actually have physical copies of their work, but times are changing, and the fact that they added e-copies of my books as well feels like a step in the right direction.

Libraries are fantastic. You can find a whole lot of new readers there, and they just encourage reading in general, which we as authors should always support. Because if no one was reading our stories, why publish them at all?

So if you have a local library and haven’t visited it in ages (or ever), I encourage you to stop by. Who knows, cultivating a good relationship now could pay off in the future.

But above all else, keep writing, and keep reading. And visit GRNW too. You never know what you’ll learn.

UPCOMING EVENT – May 4 – Andrea Speed at the Parkway/Spanaway Library

2:00pm – 3:30pm – 13718 Pacific Ave. S., Tacoma 9844

Local author Andrea Speed discusses her popular paranormal fiction series, Infected. She shares what inspired her to become an author, her experiences with the writing and publishing process and her other works of fiction.

Books will be available for checkout, purchase and signing. Visit the site to read more.

Andrea Speed was born looking for trouble in some hot month without an R in it. She’s the author of the Infected series for Dreamspinner Press, the Josh of the Damned series for Riptide Publishing, and has a bunch of non-series stuff as well. She makes up stuff, just to be an ass. In her spare time, she arms lemurs in preparation for the upcoming war against the Mole Men. Viva la revolution! Visit Andrea’s website.

GRNW Authors featured in POPLORISH #2

2014WinterCoverV2_small-231x300The second issue of Old Growth Northwest’s literary journal POPLORISH is now out, and it’s the special Romance issue!

The journal is free to download, and this issue includes five short stories by authors who participated in the GRNW GoodReads group’s 2013 Secret Story event!

The stories included in this issue are:

“Passing Notes” by S. Allen

“The Eastern Gate” by Megan Derr

“The Gift of a Book” by Sasha L. Miller

“Ghostwriter” by Andrea Speed

“Crossroads” by Lou Sylvre

Visit Old Growth Northwest’s site to download your free copy of POPLORISH issue #2!

GRNW Round Robin part 2 by Andrea Speed!

Andrea takes over the Round Robin!

Andrea takes over the Round Robin!

The Library Pirates saga continues with Part 2 of the GRNW Round Robin on GoodReads!

This installment, by GRNW 2014 author Andrea Speed (Infected: Prey) follows our hero Baxter as he races through the Seattle Central Library, trying to escape the sudden mob of pirates chasing him. Was the library hosting a free LARPing workshop? With real swords??

Check it out! GRNW Round Robin part 2!

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Where will things go to next? We’ll find out soon, when part 3’s Talya Andor takes over! 😀 Check out the Round Robin rules and schedule for this session’s full line-up of participating authors.