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2016 Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up Book Drive for Gay City!

Books for Lambert House!

Books for Lambert House!

In 2013-2015, GRNW held four book drives to help expand LGBT collections in community libraries. During the 2013 GRNW conference in September 2013, attendees donated more than 240 books for the GRNW partner Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library at Gay City.

And in November-December 2013, GRNW hosted a book drive for the library at the LGBT youth services organization Lambert House, and donors provided more than 150 young adult LGBT books.

DSP/Harmony Ink crew at AWP 2014!

DSP/Harmony Ink crew at AWP 2014!

Then in March 2014, Dreamspinner Press and Harmony Ink Press donated over 200 books to GRNW to give to the Gay City Library!

And then at GRNW 2014 and GRNW 2015, attendees donated another 400 books to the Gay City Library!

Since GRNW started in 2013, conference attendees, authors, and publishers have donated over 1,000 LGBT books to the Seattle community!

Giving books and expanding libraries is so much fun, that we’re planning on doing it again!

2016 GRNW Book Drive Event!

MCWLibAt the 2016 GRNW Meet-Up on September 24, 2016, we will hold another book donation drive for the nonprofit Gay City LGBT Library to help expand their LGBTQ genre fiction collection.

We welcome any LGBTQ reading donations, including any LGBTQ romances you would like to give.

GRNW Authors: If you have any spare paperbacks of your books that you’re not planning to use for a give-away or swag at the event, we’d love to have them as part of the book drive.

GRNW Readers: If you have any spare LGBTQ books at home that you’re willing to part with, please bring them to the event!

GRNW Publishers: If you have also any spare LGBT books, either by GRNW authors or by other authors for your press, we’d love to have them for the library.

How to Donate: We will have a donation box for books at the event! So you can just drop them off there.

SAMSUNGBuying and Donating: Gay City will also be gathering donations during the GRNW Book Fest, where publishers and authors will be selling books. If you’d like, you can also buy a book to donate to the Gay City Library. Every book is a gift.

For anyone mailing books: If you’re a publisher, or if you’re a generous out-of-state author or reader, you can also mail us books to donate, and we’ll be happy to credit you at the event. All you have to do is PM me over GoodReads or email me at and I’ll give you an address to send the books too.

Prizes! Prizes! For every book donated during the GRNW conference on September 24, you will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win some amazing prizes!

We’d love to amass a great pile of queer romance and other LGBT books for the library at the Meet-Up, so any help is Very Much Appreciated! 😀

And thank you for supporting such a great cause and helping spread the love about LGBTQ romance!