GRNW Round Robin Part 3 by Talya Andor

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

And the next part of the Library Pirates saga continues in part 3 of the GRNW GoodReads group Round Robin!

This episode is by GRNW 2014 author Talya Andor, and here we find poor Baxter blasted with a book, but thankfully, his handsome pirate friend is not too far behind. A new quest starts, and also…A KISS! Things are really heating up at the Seattle Public Library!

Check it out! GRNW Round Robin part 3

And if you’re just coming into the story, you can catch up easily still to the earlier parts of Baxter’s library adventures. Part 1 by Kim Fielding and part 2 by Andrea Speed.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

GRNW Authors featured in POPLORISH #2

2014WinterCoverV2_small-231x300The second issue of Old Growth Northwest’s literary journal POPLORISH is now out, and it’s the special Romance issue!

The journal is free to download, and this issue includes five short stories by authors who participated in the GRNW GoodReads group’s 2013 Secret Story event!

The stories included in this issue are:

“Passing Notes” by S. Allen

“The Eastern Gate” by Megan Derr

“The Gift of a Book” by Sasha L. Miller

“Ghostwriter” by Andrea Speed

“Crossroads” by Lou Sylvre

Visit Old Growth Northwest’s site to download your free copy of POPLORISH issue #2!

GRNW Round Robin part 2 by Andrea Speed!

Andrea takes over the Round Robin!

Andrea takes over the Round Robin!

The Library Pirates saga continues with Part 2 of the GRNW Round Robin on GoodReads!

This installment, by GRNW 2014 author Andrea Speed (Infected: Prey) follows our hero Baxter as he races through the Seattle Central Library, trying to escape the sudden mob of pirates chasing him. Was the library hosting a free LARPing workshop? With real swords??

Check it out! GRNW Round Robin part 2!

And if you want to start from the beginning, check out Part 1 by Kim Fielding!

Where will things go to next? We’ll find out soon, when part 3’s Talya Andor takes over! 😀 Check out the Round Robin rules and schedule for this session’s full line-up of participating authors.

GRNW Round Robin part 1 by Kim Fielding

Kim Fielding has kicked off the GRNW Round Robin story game on GoodReads and what a way to kick things off!

Baxter’s not settling in yet to his new home in Seattle, but what harm could a trip to the library cause? A handsome stranger in tight leggings isn’t such a bad welcome. That mob of pirates on the other hand…

Check it out! GRNW Round Robin part 1 by Kim Fielding!

And for those who haven’t seen the Seattle Central Library branch yet (what Baxter thinks of as a “Condo for Aliens”), here’s a pic. And yes, this is where we hold the GRNW Meet-Up. 😀

"The inside, he decided, looked like the aliens’ airport."

“The inside, he decided, looked like the aliens’ airport.”


GRNW Round Robin on GoodReads!

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

In December 2013, the GRNW GoodReads group asked for volunteers to be a part of the first GRNW Round Robin!

What’s a Round Robin? It’s a story game where one writer writes a part of the story, and then passes it on to another writer. Part of the game is that as the writer, you have no control over how the story goes before or after your section; you only have control over the story and characters during your part.

Round Robins are a fun way to “play” with other writers, and for readers, it’s a neat way to look at how different writers and different writing styles can carry one story until the end.

Participating Authors

The Round Robin will start on GoodReads on January 5, and we have an amazing line-up of authors participating.

1- Kim Fielding (Jan. 5)
2- Andrea Speed (Jan. 20)
3- Talya Andor (Feb. 3)
4- Jeffrey Ricker (Feb. 17)
5- Tara Spears (Mar. 3)
6- L.E. Franks (Mar. 17)
7- Sam Schooler (Mar. 31)
8- Morticia Knight (Apr. 14)
9- Sasha L. Miller (Apr. 28)
10- E.E. Ottoman (May 12)
11- Megan Derr (May 26)

Round Robin Structure and Length

For those wondering about the Round Robin structure and length, each author’s section will have to fit into one GoodReads post, which means 12,000 characters (including spaces) or around 2,200 words. Sections can be shorter than that, but they cannot be longer.

We’ll be announcing each section as they are posted to the Round Robin folder on GoodReads, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

But what will the story be about??

In December, GRNW GoodReads group members voted on a selection of story prompts, and the winning prompt is Library Pirates. What does Library Pirates mean? We’ll find out!! 🙂

So come join us! It should be a fun ride! (Arrrrrr!)