GRNW Round Robin Part 3 by Talya Andor

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

Image by ObsessionDesign on Zazzle.

And the next part of the Library Pirates saga continues in part 3 of the GRNW GoodReads group Round Robin!

This episode is by GRNW 2014 author Talya Andor, and here we find poor Baxter blasted with a book, but thankfully, his handsome pirate friend is not too far behind. A new quest starts, and also…A KISS! Things are really heating up at the Seattle Public Library!

Check it out! GRNW Round Robin part 3

And if you’re just coming into the story, you can catch up easily still to the earlier parts of Baxter’s library adventures. Part 1 by Kim Fielding and part 2 by Andrea Speed.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

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