Meet the Authors of Read with Pride Northwest 2017!

ReadWithPride_ButtonAvatarWe’re excited to announce this year’s attending authors and speakers for the fifth annual Read with Pride Northwest conference that will be held on November 3-4, 2017 at the Seattle Central Library.

This year’s events is split into two events. Write with Pride writer’s workshop on Friday, November 3, and the Read with Pride Northwest conference on Saturday, November 4.

(Interested in joining one or both events? Visit the registration page!)

2017 RWP Keynotes

With two events this year, we’re excited to host two keynote conversations.

We’ll be kicking off the Write with Pride workshop with a keynote chat with author Nisi Shawl (Everfair, Writing the Other) on what are the ways writers can authentically bring a variety of characters to life in their stories.

For Read with Pride, we’ll be kicking-off the conference’s fifth year with a keynote fireside chat with authors Rebekah Weatherspoon (Soul to Keep, Treasure) and Tobi Hill-Meyer (Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic) for a discussion and Q&A on how the LGBTQIA romance genre is evolving and where things need to grow from here.

In the next couple weeks, we’ll be releasing the conference panel schedule, but until then, check out RWP’s Author page to read more about the awesome group of authors and speakers joining us this year.

RWP 2017 Attending Authors and Panelists include:

  • MB Austin
  • Jove Belle
  • Dev Bentham
  • James Brock
  • Austin Chant
  • LC Chase
  • Charli Coty
  • Christine Danse
  • CJane Elliott
  • Kim Fielding
  • J.S. Fields
  • Ginn Hale
  • Tobi Hill-Meyer
  • Amanda Jean
  • Nicole Kimberling
  • RL Mosswood
  • LM Pierce
  • Liv Rancourt
  • Rick R. Reed
  • Blythe Rippon
  • Ziggy Schutz
  • Nisi Shawl
  • Andrea Speed
  • CM Spivey
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters
  • Tracy Timmons-Gray
  • Julie Tizard
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon
  • Sheri Lewis Wohl


Visit the Authors page to read more.

We can’t wait to share more great news in the coming weeks. Until then, don’t forget to save your spot!