Free Read Spotlight – Library Pirates Round Robin is now COMPLETE!

Library_outsideThat’s right, with the last chapter published by Megan Derr, GRNW’s crazy six-month Library Pirates round robin (started in January, ended in June) is now finished!! 😀 And you can now read the whooooooooole thing! Check out the parts below!

The story! Baxter is new in town, and stops by the huge Seattle Public Library to use their internet, but soon things quickly turn to the weird as the oh-so-normal library setting changes around him, and what’s with those hot pirates running around? Is this some kind of…performance? Baxter doesn’t know what’s going on, but suddenly, getting out of the library without getting blasted by a cannon first becomes his newest priority!

Part 1 by Kim Fielding

Part 2 by Andrea Speed

Part 3 by Talya Andor

Part 4 by Jeffrey Ricker

Part 5 by Tara Spears

Part 6 by LE Franks

Part 7 by Sam Schooler

Part 8 by Morticia Knight

Part 9 by Sasha L. Miller

Part 10 by E.E. Ottoman

Part 11 (Final) by Megan Derr

The Back Story! This round robin was set up on our GoodReads group. After the group voted, the theme “library pirates” was chosen, and things got started.

The participating authors’ parameters? Each author would write a section of the story, and each section could only be the length of one GoodReads post (12,000 characters or around 2,200 words.) With no control about what happens before their piece, and what happens after, how did our our gaggle of awesome writers do? You decide! (But as as a very biased reader, I thought they did a smashing job!)

THANK YOU to all the wonderful authors that participated in this round robin! 😀 With their creativity, inspiration, and a whole lot of sexy humor, they pulled together an awesome (and always surprising) story of Baxter and his poor, hot-library-pirate adventures!

Read on and enjoy!

And yes, that pic is the Seattle Library where it’s all set! (This is also where GRNW is held!)

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