GRNW 2014 Secret Stories – Guess the Author!

QuestionMarkAs we gear up for the Sept. 20 Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up 2014 at the Seattle Public Library, we thought it would be fun to do another Secret Story Event in our GRNW GoodReads group! (Similar to our 2013 event.)

What is a Secret Story Event?

Popular especially in fanfiction communities, Secret Story Events are about posting a story first but not listing the author.

This is a fun way to go in “cold’ into a story without any preconceived notions of style or previous works. Then later we unveil the authors, and you can see how close your guess was! (And maybe even discover a new author who you hadn’t read before.)

2014 GRNW Secret Stories

We have six awesome secret stories to share this year, all contributed by GRNW 2014 Attending Authors!

Names will be revealed Thursday, Sept. 18! But can you guess before then who has written each story???

Batkyn Brinks by Anonymous

After his arrest for charges of “indecent” behavior, Lord Hindstone is brought before the judge for a ruling. What happens when this judge is an old friend who knows what really happened? (3,700 words, historical, explicit content.)

The Darkling’s Kiss by Anonymous

An unpredictable thief and a wizard on a mission. What will happen when these opposites meet? (4,700 words, fantasy, explicit content)

Floating in Space by Anonymous

“Have you ever been naked in vacuum?” She is naked and I already want her so badly that my breathing hitches. (1,200 words, sci-fi, explicit content)

Sailing the Seas of Stars by Anonymous

Ahoy, there! Is that…? It is! Space pirates! (979 words, sci-fi)

Three Goats by Anonymous

One lonely troll has his hands full watching over two rambunctious young goats. And then there’s the rumor that their older brother is returning home… (2,800 words, fantasy)

Three Wishes by Anonymous

A soldier at war finds a genie who will grant him three wishes. What will he choose for love? (5,900 words, fantasy)

Guess the author!

Can you guess which GRNW 2014 author wrote what? And feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and guesses! All will be revealed on Sept. 18!

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