Spotlight on UK Meet 2014!

UKmeetSquare_zpsb289200bPart of our goal of GRNW is to highlight other LGBTQ romance events, since no matter where you are in the world, it’s wonderful to be able to gather together and celebrate the genre!

We asked the fine folks “across the pond” at UK Meet 2014 if they could share about their upcoming event that will be held this June. Check it out!

What is UK Meet?

We are a not for profit, professionally run event for the benefit of the community of GLBTQ writers and readers. UK Meet combines social elements where delegates can meet new people and try out new things, and discussion panels where delegates can learn things from key note speakers to help writing and reading successfully. UK Meet has links with all major publishers of the genre. We love the UK flavour of the Meet, but we enthusiastically welcome attendees from across the globe.

What are the plans for 2014 Meet?

UK-Meet-ukm-bag-225x300We have a packed programme this year, starting on the afternoon on Friday 6 June, when delegates can arrive and chat informally in the hotel bar. Friday evening entertainment is always popular as a way of breaking the ice with new delegates, and for some old hands to catch up on some gossip over food and drinks. We have booked the Mauretania bar, which is only 250 yards from the hotel, for an evening including tapas, a welcome drink and some unique cabaret acts too!

Saturday and Sunday have a variety of sessions including keynote speakers, panel discussions, smaller workshop-type sessions, and (back by popular demand) the Buffet of Banter. This consists of a room of twelve or so tables where delegates can discuss a variety of topics, and move freely between tables and discussions during the afternoon. There is a book fair where authors can sell their books, and readers can buy them, and maybe even ask for a photo with their favourite authors.

Saturday night’s entertainment is a smart casual three course meal in the hotel’s very swish Palm Court Restaurant. It also includes silly prizes and entertainment from the Songbirds Choir, an “exciting, grassroots choir established for lesbian, bi, trans & queer women in South Wales who love singing. Committed to diversity, good music and fun.:

What might be different from 2013?

This year we’re in Bristol. We move the UK Meet to different locations each year so delegates can sample different parts of the country. We’ve more panels, and different subject matter from last year, so delegates can attend every year and not be bored. And, for the first time, we’ll be holding a short, non-denominational act of worship on Sunday.

What are the aims for the event and the UK Meet as a whole?

  • With a British flavour, to raise the profile of English language GLBTQ fiction to readers around the world.
  • To facilitate peer to peer community support between readers, writers and bloggers of English language GLBTQ fiction.
  • To facilitate publishing of English language GLBTQ fiction around the world.

How has UK Meet changed over the years?

UK Meet started in 2010, with a dozen authors sitting in a room drinking tea, eating cake and chatting. The tea, cake and chat remain, but now the event is much bigger and broader. We have readers, bloggers, reviewers (and this year our first comic artist!). We have panels, sponsors, goodie bags full of stuff and many other things we now take for granted but which would have seemed a pipe dream four years ago. UK Meet is all about creating as many opportunities for delegates as we can – one of our catchphrases is “Opportunity, not obligation” – so we’ll carry on developing the event year on year.

Sounds fabulous!

For those interested, there are still a few spots available. Check out the UK Meet website for more info and to register.

And give a shout-out in the comments if you’re attending! We’d love to hear about it and what you’re excited about for the 2014 Meet!

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