GRNW Spotlight: Blind Eye Books in 2014

Highfell GrimoiresWe asked Nicole Kimberling, head of the LGBT speculative fiction press Blind Eye Books, what their plans are for 2014, and if they can share any tasty tidbits about upcoming releases. 😀

What is Blind Eye Books planning for this year?

In 2014 we plan to release four books. First in new author Langley Hyde will debut with a steampunk yarn called Highfell Grimoires which will be available in both print and digital on May 20th.

Devil-CoverAfter that Astrid Amara has a new alternate-history story set during the Crimean War titled The Devil Lancer, which will be released in print and digital this fall.

(Oh, I hope before the GRNW Meet-Up in September! That would be rad!)

We’re also trying our hand at a digital-first release. Ginn Hale’s continuation of the Cadeleonian Series, titled Champion of the Scarlet Wolf will release in digital format only exclusively on Weightless Books. (We’ll have a print version and a broad digital release in 2015.) This title features Elezar Grunito, who readers might remember from Lord of the White Hell Books One and Two.

I’m also happy to announce that we’ve recently signed Lane Robins, author of Maladicte and other titles, for a book that will also be released in 2015

Blind_Eye_booksAny other projects on the horizon?

As an author, I’m still whittling away at Bellingham Mysteries Six. I love writing Peter and Nick and manage to get a few pages done here and there in between Blind Eye Books projects. In addition to that I’m starting to conceptualize a brand new contemporary mystery series, so I’m excited about that.

Is Blind Eye open to submissions right now? If so, what should interested authors do?

Yes, of course, we’re always open! Starting in 2014 we’re looking to expand into some digital-only titles so that we can add novella and short-story length pieces to our line. Interested authors can email me at

(We love Nicole’s submission guidelines. Check them out!)

Thank you, Nicole! 2014 looks to be an AWESOME year for Blind Eye Books!

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