Author Interviews

As we get closer to the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up on September 14 at the Seattle Central Public Library, we will be holding interviews with our GRNW Authors on our GoodReads group.

Please find these interviews below to learn more about our authors and their work!

GRNW Author Interviews

Amara_Astrid_150x150Astrid Amara (The Archer’s Heart, Holiday Outing, Half Pass) discusses her new novel Demolished, the impetus to write professionally, the background behind her Lambda Literary-nominated fantasy The Archer’s Heart, and where in the world she got that adorable hat. Read more


Andrews_Katz_Eric_150x150Eric Andrews-Katz (The Jesus Injection, Zombiality: A Queer Bent on the Undead) discusses his spy thriller novel The Jesus Injection (and the challenges he’s met with the novel’s title), why he likes short story writing, tips for new writers, and upcoming works. Read more


Belleau_Heidi_150x150Heidi Belleau (The Druid Stone, Mark of the Gladiator) discusses her novel Apple Polisher and her new Rear Entrance Video series, coauthoring vs. solo writing, the pains and joys of writing serial fiction, advocating for diverse character representations, and upcoming works. Read more


Hale_Ginn_150x150Ginn Hale (Wicked Gentlemen, Lord of the White Hell) discusses writing her award-winning novel Wicked Gentlemen, juggling 1,200 pages of the Rifter saga, the inspirations for her characters, upcoming projects, and her fave gay romance authors. Read more


Harper_LouLou Harper (Last Stop, Spirit Sanguine) discusses her new novel Dead Man and the Restless Spirits, writing dialogue, recommendations for self-publishing and using Amazon’s KDP, her work as a cover artist, and upcoming books. Read more



Holly_David_150x150David Holly (The Moon’s Deep Circle, The Dream in the Heart of the Forest) discusses his new erotic novel The Moon’s Deep Circle, writing erotica vs. romance, his thoughts on writing short fiction, the books that inspired him, and upcoming projects. Read More


Kimberling_Nicole_150x150Nicole Kimberling (Turnskin, The Bellingham Mysteries) discusses her two new books Heir of Starlight and Birds of a Feather, the impetus to open Blind Eye Books, how the evolving publishing industry has affected manuscript submissions, and upcoming works. Read more


Reed_Rick_150x150Rick R. Reed (Caregiver, Chaser) discusses his new novel Raining Men, why he started writing romances and his thoughts about the gay romance “boom”, the inspiration behind his award-winning novel Caregiver, his loveable muse Lilly, and upcoming works. Read more


Rhodes_Devon_150x150Devon Rhodes (A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood, A Pint Light) discusses her new International Men of Sports series, the challenges of being an editor, recommendations on how to best approach a publisher, and upcoming works. Read more.



Speed_AndreaAndrea Speed (Infected: Prey, Josh of the Damned) discusses the motivations behind her urban fantasy series Infected and what’s ahead for series hero Roan, her upcoming novel Strange Angels, favorite films, and her recommended gay romance books. Read more


Sylvre_Lou_150x150Lou Sylvre (Loving Luki Vasquez, Delsyn’s Blues, Finding Jackie) talks about her romantic suspense series Vasquez & James, why she loves writing the characters of Luki and Sonny, her favorite badass characters in fiction, tips for new writers, and upcoming projects. Read more


Tenino_Anne_150x150Anne Tenino (Too Stupid to Live, 18% Gray) discusses her new release Sweet Young Thang, the rise and popularity of New Adult fiction, her tips for breaking into gay romance writing, upcoming projects, and her fave gay romances. Read more