2017 RWP Sessions

2015Panel_1What’s new for Read with Pride 2017? The conference this year is a day of programming, including panel discussions, games and giveaways, and a book festival. And don’t forget about our free events on the evening of Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4.😀 (View the full 2017 Programming.).

Below are the descriptions for the 2017RWP Sessions.

NaNoWriMo Writing Time: 10am – 11:30am (Library Location TBA)

Registration: 12pm – 1pm (Microsoft Auditorium)

Opening Remarks and Keynote: 1pm – 2pm (Microsoft Auditorium)

RWP Panels Set 1: 2:15pm – 3pm
(Multiple Locations)

Reading Recommendations: Find Your Next Book! (Microsoft Auditorium)

Join us in the auditorium as we hear from a group of readers and from audience members about what books they would recommend to check out. Come share about your favorite reads and perhaps pick up a few future titles to check out next!

Reading Recommenders will include:

  • Kim Fielding, Author (Brute, Rattlesnake)
  • Jessica Blat (Read with Pride Northwest)
  • CM Spivey, Author (The Traitor’s Tunnel. From Under the Mountain)
  • Julie Tizard, Author (The Road to Wings)
  • Tracy Timmons-Gray (Read with Pride Northwest)

Writing Queer Romance in Turbulent Times: Escapism, Political Act, or Both? (4th Floor, Room 2)

We read (and write) romance to escape life’s harshness, to get the happy endings that make us feel better. Why mix “politics” into romance? For many authors, writing queer romance has always felt like a political act—an act of taking a stand about the legitimacy of love being love, in whatever form it takes. This panel will explore the challenges of writing queer romance in 2017. How much emphasis on current events/politics is too much in a romance novel? What are the pitfalls of including (or excluding) references to current day fears and realities

Moderator: Liv Rancourt, Author (Vespers, Nocturne)


  • CJane Elliott, Author (All the Way to Shore, In Over Our Heads)
  • Dev Bentham, Author (Making Home, Buyout – A Love Story)
  • Rick Reed, Author (High Risk, The Perils of Intimacy)
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters, Author (Something True, For Good)

RWP Panels Set 2: 3:15pm – 4pm
(Multiple Locations)

Character Type Love Match! (Microsoft Auditorium)

Come join the fourth annual Character Type Love Match, an interactive reader game where You decide the couple that ends all couples for RWP 2017! A fan favorite!

“With Romantic Elements” Writing and Reading Genre Fiction Mash-ups (4th Floor, Room 2)                                                                                     

Do you enjoy stories where the LGBTQIA+ characters get the love they deserve, but that journey shares the spotlight with mysteries, space battles, and hard-hitting contemporary issues? This session will explore stories beyond the “traditional” romance category, ones that “mash-up” romance and other genres elements together, and how these stories can highlight a broad spectrum of queer experiences.

Moderator: Charli Coty, Author (Torque, The Visionary)


  • B. A. Brock, Author (King of the Storm)
  • J.S. Fields, Author (Ardulum: First Don)
  • RL Mosswood, Author (Golden)
  • LM. Pierce, Author (Trans Liberty Riot Brigade)
  • Ziggy Schutz, Author (Behind The Mask, Crossing Wires podcast)

Writer Roundtable: Action! Love Scenes and Fight Scenes (4th Floor, Room 6)

Whether our characters are supernatural, super-soldiers, or just super badass, they all find themselves in both love and trouble (sometimes at the same time). And getting to see them in action brings their stories alive. Join us to discuss what makes love scenes and fight scenes work, how they differ, and the many similarities they share. Come hear a variety of perspectives, and share yours.

Moderator: MB Austin, Author (Strictly Need to Know)


  • Jove Belle, Author (Archer Securities, The Job)
  • Blythe Rippon, Author (Benched, Barring Complications)
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters, Author (Something True, For Good)
  • Sheri Lewis Wohl, Author (Walking Through Shadows, She-Wolf)

More Programming

Interested in seeing what else is happening at RWP 2017, including the 2017 Book Fest and author reading events? Check out our 2017 Programming Schedule.