2016 GRNW Panel Sessions

What’s new for the 2016 Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up? The conference this year is a day of programming, including panel discussions, games and giveaways, and a book festival. And don’t forget about our free events on the evening of Friday, September 23.😀 (View the full 2016 Programming.).

Below are the descriptions for the 2016 GRNW Panels.

Registration: 12pm – 1pm (Microsoft Auditorium)

Opening Remarks and Keynote: 1pm – 2pm (Microsoft Auditorium)

GRNW Panels Set 1: 2pm – 3pm
(Multiple Locations)

Trans Authors on Characters, Stories, and Industry (Microsoft Auditorium)

Trans panelists share their perspectives on writing, from character development to tropes to narratives, as well as our experiences working in the queer romance and publishing industry. We’ll talk about how we want to see trans romance evolve and provide resources for authors who want to write trans characters in their fiction. If you have questions about how to portray transness respectfully in your work, or about trans perspectives on the industry, this is the panel for you!

Moderator: Austin Chant, Author (Silver & Gold, Magic & Mayhem)


  • Tobi Hill-Meyer, Author and Filmmaker (Struggling to be Whole: Stories Exploring the Trans Erotic, Doing it Online)
  • Laylah Hunter, Author (Gabriel’s City)
  • EE Ottoman, Author (Documenting Light, Selume Proferre)
  • Alex Powell, Author (Rangers over Regulus, All the King’s Men)
  • J.K. Pendragon, Author (To Summon Nightmares, Witch Cat and Cobb)

Queer Swords & Odd Flowers: Sex Scenes in LGBTQ+ Romance (4F, Room 2)

Be prepared to blush, as we discuss the ins and outs of writing, reading, and publishing sex scenes in LBGTQ+ romance. This open dialogue between writers and readers will tackle the politics and practicalities of writing about sex. Authors will talk about their approach to writing about sex, the power and purpose of sex scenes for LBGTQ+ readers, and the practical fears, inhibitions, and joys of erotic writing. Readers will have a chance to share their sex scene expectations and vent their pet peeves. All genders, orientations, and perspectives are welcome at this serious and irreverent meeting of the minds. Come early to break the ice with a round of sex scene Mad Libs. The funniest entries win books from the panelists (with Post-It notes marking all the sex scenes, of course).

Moderator: Eric Andrews-Katz, Author (The Jesus Injection, Balls and Chain)


  • Isabella, Author (Always Faithful, Executive Disclosure)
  • A. K. Rose, Author (Learning to Love Again, Learning to Love Again 2)
  • Karelia Stetz-Waters, Author (Something True, For Good)
  • Lou Sylvre, Author (Loving Luki Vasquez, Delsyn’s Blues)
  • Yolanda Wallace (Murphy’s Law, 24/7)

Writer Roundtable: How to Make Your Editor Love You – Tips and Recommendations (4F, Room 6)

Wondering about the editing process? Want to understand what to expect? Whether you are working with a publisher or with freelance editors, there’s a lot that can make the editing process easier for you (and help prepare your work for publication!) Come join this writer roundtable discussion as editors from the romance field share their tips and recommendations.


  • Jove Belle, Editor and Author (Cake, Archer Securities)
  • Amanda Jean, Editor
  • Cora Walker, Editor

GRNW Panels Set 2: 3pm – 4pm
(Multiple Locations)

Character Type Love Match! (Microsoft Auditorium)

Come join the third annual Character Type Love Match, an interactive reader game where You decide the couple that ends all couples for GRNW 2016! A fan favorite!

Erased No More: Bisexual Characters in LGBTQ Romance (4F, Room 2)

The bisexual aspect of the LGBTQ rainbow adds depth and juiciness to romance literature. This panel will explore the nuances specific to bisexual characters and will  touch on what bisexual readers want from LGBTQ romance books. It will look at the common myths surrounding bisexuality as they apply to LGBTQ fiction. Panelists include authors of bisexual characters and authors who are themselves bisexual.

Moderator: E.J. Russell, Author (Stumptown Spirits, Northern Light)


  • Dev Bentham, Author (Nobody’s Home, Painting in the Rain)
  • Charley Descoteaux, Author (Buchanan House, Torque)
  • CJane Elliott, Author (Serpentine Walls, Wild & Precious)
  • Amanda Jean, Editor (Silver and Gold, Magic & Mayhem)
  • Morticia Knight, Author (Set Ablaze, Strip Search)

Writer Roundtable: Writing Beyond Book 1 – What to Look For When Writing a Series (4F, Room 6)

Your mind is exploding with ideas on where your characters can go, and you know that your story cannot be contained in one book. What are the things that you might need to think about when building your multi-volume series? Whether you are designing from the beginning or feeling the urge for a sequel, come join a discussion with authors who have published series books, and learn what to look out for when writing beyond book 1.

Moderator: Susan Lee, Reader and Blogger


  • Rhys Ford, Author (Cole McGinnis series, Sinners series)
  • Ginn Hale, Author (Rifter, Lord of the White Hell)
  • Sheri Lewis Wohl, Author (The Spiritus Chronicles, The Reluctant Psychic)

More Programming

Interested in seeing what else is happening at GRNW 2016, including the 2016 Book Fest and After Party? Check out our 2016 Programming Schedule.