2013 GRNW Book Drive for the Gay City LGBT Library

MCWLibAs part of the 2013 Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up, we thought it would be fun to give back and help support those who provide such great resources for LGBT reading!

At the Meet-Up, we held a book donation drive for our GRNW partner Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library at Gay City.

Before the Sept. 14 Meet-Up, we received 113 LGBT book donations from writers, readers, and publishers from around the country.

On September 14, GRNW attendees donated 128 LGBT books!

In total, we gathered 241 book donations for the Gay City LGBT Library. THANK YOU to everyone who brought or mailed in your donations. Because of you, we were able to give back to a wonderful community resource!

A Special Thank You To Donors!

For each LGBT book donated during the September 14 Meet-Up at the Seattle Library and the Happy Hour at the Hotel Monaco, we gave the donor a raffle ticket. During the event, we picked winners to receive special prizes, including two Kindle e-readers, donated by Amazon Publishing!

Thank you to all the organizations that donated prizes and giveaways to GRNW. Because of your contributions, we were able to give special thank you gifts to our book donors.

You can still give back!

The Michael C. Weidemann LGBT Library at Gay City is always open to LGBT book donations all year round! Donors are welcome to drop books off during library hours, or can mail books to Gay City. Learn more

And thank you for supporting such a great cause and helping spread the love about LGBT romance fiction!

Book Donations!

Our first donation for the book drive! Sent in by Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos. Thank you, Chris!







A donation from GRNW Sponsor Riptide Publishing! Thank you, Riptide!


GRNW Sponsor Dreamspinner Press donated more than 20 (!!) books for the book drive. Thank you, DSP!


A donation from the wonderful gay romance author Amy Lane!


We got two donations in that somehow completed each other (as if by fate!)

First, a donation from Jordan Castillo Price which includes the first three paperbacks in her Psycop series, as well as Magic Mansion and rare copies of Channeling Morpheus.

And then a donation by GRNW author Lou Harper which includes two of her books AND GhosTV, #4 in JCP’s Psycop series! Now we can donate every Psycop book that’s been published to date!

Thank you, JCP and Lou!


Sara Alva donated a copy of her debut novel Social Skills, and a fan of author N.R. Walker donated the first two books in Walker’s Blind Faith series. Thank you both!


A donation from renowned gay romance author Josh Lanyon. Thank you, Josh!


A donation from authors Edmond Manning and H.B. Pattskyn. Thank you, Edmond and H.B.!


GRNW author Morticia Knight donates a copy of her new novel Set Ablaze, and the lovely crew from GRNW sponsor Storm Moon Press donated five of their books! Thank you, Morticia and SMP!


Our final donation for this round! This time, from author Kaje Harper. Thank you, Kaje!